One Investment — Countless Benefits

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As a consultant, I coach leaders and technical experts who need to change their behavior in order to advance on their career path or keep from failing in a stretch assignment.  The client and his or her boss often identify one of the following behaviors to improve or develop:

    • Making decisions in ambiguous or uncertain situations
    •  Developing leadership presence
    • Speaking up in meetings to share ideas or raise questions
    • Engaging with employees and building relationships
    • Driving change and continuous improvement

These common areas for development are usually treated as discreet competencies.  As a result, leadership team members would each be directed to a training program or other self-development resource specific to their shortcoming. But….

What if there was a single understanding that could improve these competencies across the board?  What if one program could enhance these individual competencies and leverage the combined expertise of the entire team?  Rather than investing in a number of costly development activities on a one-off basis, the leaders could learn something together, reinforce their collective learning curve, and focus on real business needs.

A  State of Mind program that shows leaders how their minds work provides a foundation that improves any competency on a go-forward basis. It’s pro-active rather than reactive, and it can be tailored to align with specific business goals and objectives, not just competency development.  As a bonus, leaders who are already what I would call unconsciously competent will see what’s behind their abilities and improve their coaching and mentoring. 

State of Mind training helps participants increase their understanding of how the human operating system works through personal insights that raise their self-awareness.  There is nothing new to learn or practice; the system is already working perfectly.  What’s necessary is a difference level of consciousness, to see how we create our experience of life in the moment. When people discover that they are creating their reality from the inside-out, rather than reacting to their circumstances, life looks different.  When they further understand that there is unlimited potential for new thinking that will automatically provide them with more options, they discover the only way to change behavior in a sustainable way.

This understanding is the single most important learning and development activity a leader and his/her team can invest in.  Personal insights will lead to a clarity of thought and focused energy that fuel connection, creativity, confidence, and courage.  A leadership team with this state of mind has a competitive advantage and a foundation for meeting any business challenge.