Essential Resilience Executive Coaching helps clients understand how their minds work through a 4-day intensive program followed by 6 months of coaching.  During the program clients will gain confidence in their ability to experience mental clarity and peace of mind in any circumstances.  The insights that emerge address development goals and behavior changes, among other things.


Resilient Leadership Program is a customized experience for intact teams with specific business outcomes in mind.  These 3 and 4 day programs help teams learn to optimize their collective intelligence to gain new perspectives and solutions to real business challenges.

We we also offer a public program to improve overall leadership capabilities by increasing resilience.  Offered twice a year, this 2-day session is an option for companies who don’t have a large enough group for a customized program.

Meeting Facilitation

Start your staff meeting or strategy retreat with a 2-hour introduction on how the mind works.  Then we’ll help to keep you on track as you get down to business by pointing out poor listening, lack of focus, and other common meeting efficiency traps.  We’re pretty sure it will be your best meeting ever.