Essential Resilience

The Misunderstanding

Humans once believed that the Earth was flat.  We’ve since discovered, of course, the spherical nature of our world, which made exploration possible.

What if we told you there is a misunderstanding about life similar in scope and consequence to the belief that the Earth was flat?  And that discovering the true nature of your own mind would enable great things?

The misunderstanding?  It’s the belief that life comes at us from our circumstances, people and events in our past.  In other words, that our experiences are generated by things external to us.  Just like the huge anchor that ships used to carry to save them from falling off the edge of the world, the idea that something or someone outside of ourselves controls our lives weighs us down and limits our potential.

The good news?  We’re actually free.  Many of us just don’t know it.

The Principles

In the early 1970s, Sydney Banks described a set of principles explaining the practical logic of the mechanics of the human mind.  These principles are constant, explanatory, and predictive.  They are invisible, like gravity, but always working behind the scenes to drive the human operating system that brings us life in the moment.

Essential Resilience is dedicated to sharing these principles.  How do they help?  Our participants report:

  • Less anxiety, more ease
  • Less stale, more creative
  • Less churning, more ideas
  • Shorter, more productive meetings
  • Less ruled by details, more able to remember the big picture
  • Less frustrating, judgmental thinking; more curiosity