Turning Business Inside-Out with Cheryl Bond and Chantal Burns

A practical, deep dive for practitioners and change-agents

June 23-25, 2017

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Are you a consultant, coach or change-agent who wants to discover a simpler and more impactful way help organizations through sharing the ‘Three Principles Paradigm’ in business?  If you are, then Turning Business Inside-Out has been designed with you in mind.


  • You already work with organizations providing principle-based coaching, consulting or facilitation
  • You get great results but you’re now keen to take your business/work to the next level and explore the full potential of this understanding in business
  • You want be able to connect the dots between the Principles and today’s business challenges with more clarity and increase your impact with clients
  • You want more confidence or ease in exploring the inside-out paradigm in 1-to-1 or group sessions, so clients realize the relevance and benefits for themselves or their organization
  • You love the idea of getting real-world, practical support from experienced practitioners with 25+ years combined experience of sharing the inside-out paradigm in business.

This is an invitation-only program for a small cohort of professional colleagues who want to learn together and be supported by experienced business practitioners.

If you recognize yourself in the above description and are keen to be part of a three month active learning experience, read on for further details and how to apply. 


Part I:  The Deep Dive Retreat

Your program begins with a three-day deep dive to explore the Inside-Out Paradigm in business.

Core learning includes:

  • How to connect what you already know about business, people and leadership to your understanding of the inside-out nature of performance
  • Get comfortable/confident discussing the key differences and benefits of a principles/realization based learning experience versus traditional information/ideas based programs
  • Review of 3P business proposals and presentations for corporate work [discover the simplicity of making this understanding relevant to any business]
  • The 4 keys to successful programs and what to pay attention to at each stage
    • Set-up
    • Design
    • Delivery
    • Evaluation and Integration
  • Insights and learnings from some of our successes and failures
  • How to take any business challenge such as sales, stress, change, culture, team-building, executive presence or emotional intelligence and show the relevance and implications of the Principles
  • What it means to be in service to clients
    • why and when to walk away from an opportunity
    • recognizing when ego is in the driving seat
  • Practical experience sharing what you know and getting feedback, in a judgement-free environment.

Additional Resources:

You will receive our Guidelines for Planning 3P Based Programs which will be an essential resource during and after the program.

You’ll get a signed copy of Chantal’s book Instant Motivation: the surprising truth behind what really drives top performance.

Part II:  Implementing Your Learning

Following the retreat, you will be invited to attend 6 online in-depth masterclasses [scheduled twice a month across 3 months] to explore two different areas;

  • Current Business Topics – Cheryl and Chantal will share their understanding of current hot business topics such as emotional intelligence, executive presence or work/life balance from a 3P foundation.
  • Your Work/Business – Each group member will come to the call with a challenge, opportunity or lesson learned to spark discussion facilitated by Cheryl and Chantal. It’s a great opportunity to explore relevant, live issues and deepen our grounding of the paradigm, moving beyond what we know, in a safe, judgement free environment.


The retreat seminar will be held June 23-25 at the beautiful Hotel Portsmouth in Portsmouth, NH, www.thehotelportsmouth.com.

Monthly meetings will be via video conference.



Early Bird fee is $2200 if booked by April 20, 2017

The fee includes 3 day seminar and 6 in-depth classes

Plus exclusive resources

To apply for your place or discuss the program, please e-mail Cheryl at [email protected] or Chantal at [email protected]

The program is limited to 12 participants to allow optimal attention for each participant.


 Chantal Burns is the founder of the Conscious Leadership School and owner of Star Consultancy. She’s an international leadership coach, author and facilitator with 25+ years’ experience working with multinational organizations. She’s author of the No.1 Bestselling book Instant Motivation: The surprising truth behind what really drives top performance. Chantal specializes in showing leaders and teams how to leverage clarity of mind for exemplary performance through an understanding of the ‘inside-out’ paradigm. Her company was the first to take this pioneering education to Japan and led the first Principles-based programs with UK Social Care leaders.

Cheryl Bond, Ed.D.  is a business consultant and coach whose clients improve their personal well-being and performance at work through an understanding of the inside-out nature of life and the potential of the human mind.  She works in a wide variety of companies including defense, banking, biotech, medical device technology, healthcare, and technology solutions providers.  Prior to founding Essential Resilience in 2013, she worked for more than a decade in learning and organizational development at BAE Systems, one of the first large corporations to implement a curriculum of Principles-based leadership development programs.  Her doctoral dissertation describes the relationship between state of mind leadership training and business success.