Sharing the implications of the Principles in a way that makes sense in business can be daunting.  In addition to a solid 3P grounding, you must understand the challenges facing leaders and decision-makers and be able to connect the dots between what they value/need and what you have to offer.  There’s a skill set here that goes beyond what you have learned in your previous 3P training.  This customized program can help you work through a particular client engagement or improve your overall competence working in business.  It’s an opportunity to hone your skills working 1-1 with a business practitioner with many years of experience.

Who Should Attend?

Three Principles practitioners working with corporate clients.

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Mentoring outcomes:

  • Confidence and facility sharing the value and implications of the 3P understanding with executives and decision-makers
  • See and clearly communicate the role of thought in any business challenge
  • Articulate leadership competence in terms of understanding how the mind works
  • Convey the power of the human operating system from an ordinary, common sense perspective that will resonate with business people
  • Design and propose training programs and/or coaching engagements for business clients