Relationships are at the heart of every business challenge. They create the collaborative environment that facilitates problem solving and innovation. Without rapport, every disagreement becomes a roadblock and every day is a battle of wills. Unfortunately, in the midst of this turmoil, people have a long list of reasons why things are not working out – none of which point to the root cause, a lack of rapport.

The ultimate goal of this two-day program is to help participants see for themselves that it is possible to work productively with any person in any situation.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to have more productive, satisfying relationships at work or at home.

Participants’ personal insights will help them to:

  • See situations with perspective rather than getting caught up in emotional reactions
  • Work productively with people who have different values, beliefs, and expectations
  • Increase their ability to talk through and work out opposing views to mutual satisfaction – beyond compromise
  • Be aware of others’ readiness to listen
  • Provide honest and straightforward feedback
  • Minimize the negative impact of moods and low levels of well-being
  • Improve focus and clarity of thought with individuals and teams